The Will To Succeed.


“What Shall We Do When Hope Is Gone?”
The Words Leapt Like  A Leaping Sword :

Modernization has taken place drastically during the last two decades. Every Individual is gaining a vast amount of knowledge and the technology is reaching to the tiniest parts of the world.

One who has a clear vision and a proper mission with sound knowledge has the ability to drive his dreams into reality. Modern day legends like  Usain Bolt, Serena Williams,Deepika Kumari, Virat Kohli,Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Ratan Tata, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, etc. are some of the few examples of people who have worked very Hard in order to realize their goals.
What do we learn from them?
That there is nothing so strong as your Determination.

Everyone must understand and analyze their potential to achieve certain big things.
Simply graduating and working at some place with no dreams to pursue can lead to a regretful and devastating life later.

In a country like India where Entrepreneurship is on the top list of every young mind the saddening figures shows how deprived they are.

And what is the probable cause that is standing in their way?
The Answer is “Courage“.
The risk, The Fear of Failure, Lack of Self-Confidence are the biggest enemies that result in the continuous failure.

While there are some eminent personalities who have achieved scintillating feat through the efforts they have applied. Some of them are Kailash Satyarthi, Sania Mirza, Ira Singhal(Civil services Topper-2015), etc. and the list goes on.

Look carefully at the history of the people mentioned above you will find that they suffered through constant defeats and struggled a lot.

Now the important question is “Did they gave up?”
The answer is No.

Let us talk about ourselves only. We all have failed at some point in life.
Did We gave up?
We came back with even more fierce and more force just to succeed.

What is needed to be understood here is that success and failure are a part of life, both necessary to have a proper balance of life.
Accept It and Don’t regret for what you have lost.

Don’t lose hope and rise again till you succeed.
Your victory will be eminent and you will definitely enjoy your success sooner or later.
For a wise man once told, “Facing and accepting a loss is the first step of managing. Only the life which deliberately picks up and starts over again is victorious.”

Mohit C Upadhyay

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